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pilotjonez: i really admire your artistry and creativity. keep inspiring!

I appreciate it


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Anonymous: I'll never get a chance to speak to you ...😕

Probably not … unless you find a way to captivate my mind

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Anonymous: Videos?! Where are the videos?

On Pornhub and xnxx lol nah chill mind your business

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Anonymous: My boyfriend makes me look in his eyes when I cum. Like what the fuck? Do you understand cause i don't.


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flexingnfinessin: We don't know each other but I love yooou😍😍😍 & I'm tryna see that beauty mark on your dick..😂😂😭


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Anonymous: Are you in ldn?


Anonymous: I love you so fucking much! Like you're just so casual with shit


Anonymous: Have you ever heard the song Hyyrrr by Kid Cudi? If you even listen to him.

Of course I listen to Demigod Scott

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